Decorative finish which gives a metallic pearl effect that creates dazzling light reflections. The spectacular satin final result that adds a luxurious touch on the application surfaces.

Enrich the world of decoration with high-quality indoor and outdoor decorative paints.

Easy application!

Multitude of shades!

Affordable Cost!

Variety of decorative products!

Decorative water based colors friendly to the user and the environment!

Discreet presence

charming in its simplicity!

Wall decorative paint with an elegant beauty smoothe on touch and very easy to apply.

Choose the color that expresses your style and using the glove in circular motion or with a ”Mondo bello” brush using crosswise movements create surfaces that will stand out discreetly in your place.

Alternatively, choose colorful shades applied in vertical stripes for fresh spaces, matching the vividness of today’s children, and the effervescent personality of the lively elderly.

Choose a shade that expresses you!

Application Instructions

  • We apply a layer of high quality emulsion like ”Ecolux Super Tetralux” in white or a light shade.

  • Following, apply a PERLA layer with the special glove or roller for larger surfaces.

  • After drying, apply a second layer of PERLA, with circular, uneven movements, leaving enough material on the surface, or using a ”Mondobello” brush or by applying in stripes with intense color contrasts


  • Apply without dilution.

  • Drying 2-3 hours under normal weather conditions.

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 40 ° C.

  • COVERAGE: 6-7 m² / lit

Application Videos

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