The Glitter effect is the result of light reflection, coming from tiny shimmering metallic particles contained in the material. Mondo Bello Glitter is available in powder and Varnish.

Easy application!

Multitude of shades!

Affordable Cost!

Variety of decorative products!

Decorative water based colors friendly to the user and the environment!

A shiny, ”glittering” decoration

”Mondobello Glitter” adds a glow and freshness to every surface.

If you wish to add a different decorative touch in the house, by adding a ”glittering” hue, use ”Mondobello Glitter”!

Mondobello’s Glitter is applied to interior and exterior painted surfaces.

It is applied on already painted surfaces without altering their natural shade.
It is suitable for walls, furniture, wallpapers, fabrics, cardboard and other surfaces.

Apply Glitter to surfaces that are affected by your lighting.

Apply Glitter using a brush to add shine to your wall.

Applying two layers of Glitter Emulsion makes the effect even more pronounced.

Once it dries, it becomes completely transparent, leaving the ”glitter” on the surface.

Choose a shade and put your personal touch on the desired surface.

Choose a shade and put your personal touch on the desired surface.

Επιλέξτε απόχρωση και βάλτε την δική σας πινελιά στην επιθυμητή επιφάνεια.

Application Instructions

  • Make sure the surface of the application is properly prepared.

  • Apply to already painted surfaces.

  • Apply a base color of ”Ecolux super” emulsion with the desired shade (dark shades will show more impressive) and let it dry.

  • The application of ”GLITTER” is easy using a brush or roller in one layer.


  • Apply without thining.

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 40 ° C.

    Coverage: 10-12 m² / lit (depending on the painted surface and the applied technique)

Application Video

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