Τransparent water based one component varnish suitable for decorative effect of craqueler. It makes the final surface through cracks that are created to be like it is old and cracked from time.

Application Instructions

  • Stir well before use

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from foreign objects and substances.

  • Apply the surface with a paint in the shade you like and let it dry.

  • This is the base colour of the crackled surface you will create.

  • Then apply a coat of CRAQUELE by brush in one direction only (do not cross or apply twice in the same area).

  • After the surface is dry thoroughly, apply the final coat with a paint in the shade you like.

  • After a few minutes a cracking will appear on the final surface creating the effect of craqueler and the basecoat will start to be obvious through cracks.

  • The effect of cracking that you create depends on the way the final surface is painted.