Chalk Paint

”Cretis” is a form of limestone type more commonly known as chalk. Chalkpaint colors are water-soluble, acrylic, high covering paint. They give a matte surface finish when applied. They are highly durable and user and environmentally friendly.


Sandy textured decorative paint, with gold and silver metallic flashes. The grain texture of the decorative color combined with the light gives you an aestheticaly unique atmosphere. Decorative Style that highlights your imagination, passion and creativity and transforms your space into a high architectural and decorative point of reference.


Decorative paint with unique appearance that transforms the space giving a roustic and worn appearance. Atmospheric decorative paint for surfaces with unique appearance that transforms space. Choose a shade and put your personal touch on the desired surface. A style that combining imagination and good mood provides freedom of creativity and expression.


3-dimensional metallic reflections decorative paint that highlights any surface on which it is applied into a decorative reference point.

Diamond Glass

Strong, transparent, two component epoxy resin – adhesive, excellent mechanical strength and adhesion, which after hardening gives us a surface of great clarity. It is ideal for encapsulating and molding similar and motley materials without shrinking.


3-dimensional metallic reflections decorative paint that highlights any surface on which it is applied into a decorative reference point.


Contemporary decorative wall paint that removes the boundaries of time, tranfering you in the past, by giving the an aging feeling or an ageing effect. It can be combined with contemporary as well as a classic decoration, creating an environment of high aesthetics. Decorative paint with a rough, textured final visual result.


Specially designed decorative paint for wall decoration that can mix with all types of colorants and produces a huge variety of decorative effects. Its different application techniques combined with an infinite amount of shades create unique effects in decoration.

Glitter & Glitter Lusso

The application of such wall painting techniques can enhance a space and produce high aesthetic results. Decorative paint have the power to decisively interfere with the image and feeling that we get from our invironment. Blurry images, gentle or intense colors, combined give another decorative dimension and often lead into daydreaming.


Decorative paint for interior and exterior use, with metallic reflections that create a climate of high aesthetics and luxury. Decorative paint that adds a timeless effect to a wall, wood or metal surface that varies depending on light angle. Beautiful reflections capture the eye by transforming an everyday space into a decorative reference point. Suitable for both metalic and wall surfaces.

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Color Charts and Palettes

The colors affect the psycho-emotional balance and can create a refreshed, beautiful and pleasant atmosphere! Proper colors contribute positively to better concentration and more effective organization of our thoughts.