Water Based Varnishes & Chalkpaint Waxes

A wide variety of satin or matte finish lacquers in clear, black, amber and antique shades. Chalkpaint waxes in clear white, black, amber and antique (dark wax) finishes.

Depending on the desired finishing result you either shield or darken the hue of the surfaces – objects.

Chalk Varnishes

Mondobello CHALK VARNISH is a water based acrylic lacquer for chalk colors.

  • They enhance and emphasize the final result.

  • They are easy to apply, do not yellow and dry quickly.

  • They have excellent coverage and high durability without peeling or cracking.

  • Ideal for the protection and sealing of surfaces painted with Chalkpaint.

  • They Protect from moisture, daily wear and can be cleaned using soap and water.

  • They create a marvelous matte or satin finish.

  • Available in clear, white, black, amber and antique finish.

  • The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of soiling factors and must be sanded with a suitable sandpaper.

  • Drying time: dry in touch in 1 hour and recoating in 6 hours.

  • Packaging: 375ml, 750ml.

  • Paint tools: Brush, roller and pistol.

  • Dilution: 5 – 10% with water for roller or brush and 10 – 20% for spray gun.

  • Coverage: 9 – 12 m² / lt per coat.

  • Application conditions: Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C.

  • Storage: Keep the containers at a temperature between 5 ° C and 40 ° C in a shady place.

  • Close the container after each use.

Chalkpaint Wax

Mondo bello’s Chalkpaint wax is a special finishing wax paste applied for extra chalkpaint protection, offering a velvety, smooth texture and uniform effect.

  • They protect the surface from wear and moisture while enhancing the vividness of chalkpaint or natural wood.

  • Shades: clear, white, black, amber and antique.

  • Packaging: 250ml

  • The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of soiling factors.

  • Apply with a good quality brush or with a cotton cloth after applying the chalkpaint on surfaces.

Application Instructions

  • Stir well before use.

  • The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of soiling factors.

  • Apply a thin layer and, after dry, apply the second layer.

  • Wait for 30 minutes between layers, so that the wax is absorbed by the surface.

  • Dilution: Applied without dilution.

  • Coverage: 15 m² / ltr.

  • Drying time: dry in touch in 30 minutes and for 1-2 hours use.

  • Paint tools: Good quality brush or cotton cloth.

  • To clean the tools, remove as much material as possible from the tools inside the container and immediately clean them with general purpose 803 or 806 TETRALUX solvent.

  • Immediately after, wash them with warm water and soap.

  • Application conditions: Do not apply at temperatures below 20°C and above 35°C.

Suggestion: apply a different base color in order to get a more playful two-color combination…

After the surface has dried well, sand locally using sandpaper to the final desirable color combination of background and foreground so the object gets an impressive vintage or shabby chic look.

Alternatively, rub with a cloth or with your fingers the paint before it dries to give a more elaborate appearance of wear.

For a more vintage character, after dry, sand the corners and details to reveal the base color and get a worn look on the object.

Chalk Varnishes & Waxes